Working Papers

The Rise of Fiscal Capacity: Administration and State Consolidation in the Holy Roman Empire (with Davide Cantoni and Cathrin Mohr)

Conditionally accepted, Econometrica

City Directories as a Source of Historical Microdata: Progress Report (with Davide Cantoni and Mathias Bühler)

Individualism, Identity, and Institutional Change: Evidence from First Names in Germany, 1700–1850 (with Davide Cantoni and Cathrin Mohr)

Work in Progress

How Autocracies Form: State Capacity, Absolutism, and the Thirty Years’ War (with Luis Bosshart)

The German Colonial Enterprise, 1897–1914

Spatial Sorting in German Cities, 1935–1975

Epidemics and Public Health Provision in Early Modern Europe (with Davide Cantoni and Maria Waldinger)